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Whether you need...

Key skills development (enabling your colleagues, leaders and graduates to make a positive contribution to the business quickly)

Assessment centres (To assess the capability of your graduates/colleagues across a range of core competencies, behaviours and strengths)

Graduate recruitment (selecting the right candidate/graduate and who are aligned to your business culture and values)

Training – targeted personal development for graduates aligned to their talent development needs to fulfil their role in the business
Coaching – One to one coaching for graduates via Skype or face to face
Assessment centres – Designed to enable graduates to apply and develop capability across a range of business critical areas
Mentoring – supporting graduates through decision making
Facilitation – Facilitating action learning sets

We can work with you to establish the best way forward and offer...

Coaching & Mentoring

According to top graduate recruiters, many graduates are either not ‘work ready’ or they lack ‘business awareness’.

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Assessment Centres

Modern businesses are turning to Assessment Centres as a way of getting to know their candidates better.

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Business Readiness

We work with universities to help introduce a variety of employability related skills into all areas of their curriculum.

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Graduate Recruitment

Graduate Dawn partners with a number of recruitment agencies to find the best talent for your business.

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