Assessment Centres

Modern businesses are turning to Assessment Centres as a way of getting to know their candidates better.

With an increasing number of graduates joining the search for work every year, selecting the best candidate for your available roles is both demanding and time-consuming. While academic achievement is important, it is not always a sufficient indicator of their true potential. For this reason modern businesses are turning to Assessment Centres as a way of getting to know their candidates and better exploring their capabilities.

Types of assessments

Assessment Centres generally comprise of a series of tasks relevant to the role you are recruiting for and vary in structure from employer to employer lasting anything from 2 hours to 2 full days. Assessments may include but are not limited to:

  • Psychometric profiling – a questionnaire used to evaluate personality, characteristics and values
  • Aptitude and Ability Tests – written or verbal tests such as numerical or verbal reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Group activities and discussions – exercises to assess communication skills, problem-solving and team work
  • In-tray exercises – assessments designed to examine prioritisation skills under pressure
  • Presentation skills – varying widely in structure and content, but often a key part of assessment centres
  • Role-Play exercises – generally used in client-facing situations to test a candidates’ service and communication skills
  • We work closely with our clients to develop a range of robust, practical and fit-for-purpose exercises that provide a valuable opportunity for them to visibly assess candidates’ abilities and potential while they are engaged in actual tasks or situations.
Our service includes:

We are committed to the highest standards of practice in the use of all ability/aptitude assessments, in order to maximise the benefit of assessment centres to both the organisation and the individual. All our Assessment Centres are individually tailored around your desired business outcomes and focus on the specific competencies and abilities you seek for the roles.

Benefits to your business:

  • Advise on exercise choice and suitability
  • Timetable development
  • Candidate briefs
  • Event co-ordination
  • Assessment administration
  • Result collation and interpretation
  • Management feedback and reporting
  • Candidate feedback

Mock Assessment Centres

An Assessment Centre is a fantastic opportunity for graduates to showcase their talents to a potential employer. Graduate Dawn work alongside universities to design and facilitate mock assessment centres so that students can familiarise themselves with various assessment formats before they apply for jobs.

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