Coaching & Mentoring

According to top graduate recruiters, many graduates are either not ‘work ready’ or they lack ‘business awareness’...

Furthermore some are unsure of what they wish to do after university or are unsure of how to apply their academic qualifications to a potential job. In such circumstances, coaching and mentoring is an effective technique for helping them assess their talents and make critical decisions about career choice and direction.

Coaching is about getting the best from a person. It is easy to understand how it works in sport – the coach works to refine and perfect your strengths in order to reach peak performance. By exploring an individual’s abilities and aspirations, the coach is able to shine a light on your potential and guide you along the path to your goals.

Coaching is focussed on the present and future and is geared towards achieving set goals, growing personally or professionally, improving effectiveness, finding balance and having a more fulfilling life. A coach acts as a catalyst for your personal and professional development, helping you to clarify your career ambitions and explore what makes you tick.

Our coaches work with you and help you to:

  • Explore your ambitions
  • Discover what makes you tick
  • Grow your potential
  • Improve your motivation
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Increase your competitive edge

We like to think of it as a kind of ‘Finishing School’ for the Graduates and younger job-seekers. Naturally we will also help with:

  • Improving your job search techniques
  • CV development and job applications
  • Interview readiness
  • Sharpening your networking skills
  • Preparing for an Assessment Day
  • Negotiating or accepting a job offer

About Coaches

Our Coaches have a wealth of experience and come from a wide range of industry backgrounds. Collectively their professional network is extensive and this can be of great benefit to our clients. While your coaching sessions will always be one-to-one with the same coach, we work as a team where appropriate to ensure our clients receive the full benefit of this network and our coaching experience.

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