Today’s Graduates are tomorrow’s Leaders.Your business deserves to recruit the brightest.

Graduate Dawn’s coaching has a proven impact: add coaching to an initiative and people will focus on that initiative more. Add coaching to your graduate recruitment and on-boarding programme and the result is that graduates learn faster, up to 6 times as much in some cases.

Business Awareness Workshops

Employers constantly flag business or commercial awareness as a ‘must have’ skill for graduates, particularly those who have not had the benefit of a work-placement year. Whilst employers do not expect new graduates to be business gurus from day one, they do expect a degree of basic knowledge and understanding of key principles and the business environment in which they operate.

Our business awareness workshops can be generalised or tailored specifically around your company needs. By helping your graduate intake to appreciate the processes, relationships, risks and costs involved in commercial transactions we are able to better equip them to work towards your organisation’s objectives and strategy.

Assessment Centre Management

Here at Graduate Dawn we offer a team of professional and skilled Assessors / Interviewers to help you recruit and retain the best.

We can help you build your Recruitment process, alongside the creation of the Competency, Behaviour and Strength based questions that will get you the right candidate for the role.

Leadership Development Programmes

Once you have recruited your Graduates into the role, the next step is to continue their ongoing development and retain the best.

Businesses that offer ongoing development for their colleagues and Graduates are the ones that individuals want to stay with and develop further. Their development leads to your success and future branding / reputation.

We offer the following that can be combined to create a 5 day Leadership Development Programme or delivered individually as required –

  • What Makes a Leader
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Performance Management
  • Building an Effective Team
  • Leading Inclusively
  • Influencing Skills
  • Personal Impact and Effectiveness
  • Coaching Skills
  • Empowering and Inspiring the team
  • Implementing Change
  • Constructive conversations
  • Handling Challenging people and discussions

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